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In this hospital,
we explain a merit and a demerit of the Western medicine and of course explain the oriental medicine in the same way.
And we offer those information enough.
If your opinions and ideas are different from your family, we have you choose a therapy.
The treatment completely becomes the selectivity, and it is not forced.
Even if you choose any kind of therapy, we can explain the results enough.
Even if you choose any cure, we do not refuse your treatment and we do not persuade forcibly.
If you choose treatment of the Western medicine, we can cure according to the treatment protocol of various medical societies.
We make an effort to give a result written down in an aim of the treatment. And it is almost accomplished.

There is the page that only the patients of our hospital can look at in this homepage,
but please permit it in a thing having a problem with of the privacy.
This hospital gave treatment mainly on the oriental medicine for various chronic diseases mainly on allergic diseases and collagen diseases such as asthma, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, systemic lupus erythematosus , rheumatoid arthritis etc.and gave an effect.
If you want to suicide for a hard symptom, please give up it by seeing the homepage of our hospital.

There are a lot of patients of a really hard symptom in atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and collagen diseases.
However, most people recover if they cure. There are a lot of people who recovered completely.

On treatment
To a person who hopes the steroid desorption therapy, we choose it.
We hear your hope, and we aim at the treatment and palliation of your symptom.
We do not use the steroid for the person who do not use more than one year or do not use it at all,
if a patient expects it. If you have used the large amount of steroids, we will do the treatment after withdrawing steroid from a few months to one year at the latest.
We prescribe a steroid if you hope to use it. However, there cannot be the thing recommending it from this hospital.
In addition, we can continue the treatment if you are satisfied with the steroid therapy now.

If you hope for the standard treatment of various societies, we cure along the guidelines.
In this case, the Western medicine is main treatment.
Please keep in mind that the disease is caused by the constitution.
And you can recover by improving your physical condition, so please fulfill a wish with us.


Yurigaoka clinic     Doctor : Akiyoshi Yamanaka